"Six degrees" and "Art of Disappearing" at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Date: 2011-07-04

We have a pleasure to announce that two projects coproduced by Otter Films ‘Six degrees' - www.sixdegreesdoc.com (dir.: Bartosz Dombrowski) and ‘Art of Disappearing' (dir.: Bartek Konopka & Piotr Rosołowski) will be presented among seven others during 7th ‘Docu Talents from the East' at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


The chosen projects are the most innovative, creative documentary projects from Central and Eastern Europe. Our projects will be presented by the producer, Anna Wydra, who, together with Piotr Rosolowski, had already taken part in previous edition of ‘Docu Talents from the East' with a movie ‘Rabbit a la Berlin'. We hope that this session will be fruitful for our new projects and that it will be the beginning of a successful  journey around film festivals.

'Art of Disappearing' is an untold story of a Haitian voodoo priest who visited the People's Republic of Poland in 1980 to take the spell off polish people, free their souls and stop the Soviet tanks... A surprising view on socialism through the eyes of a stranger from a different culture.

'Six degrees' is a documentary road-movie inspired by the theory ‘Six degrees of separation' by Stanley Milgram, which examines how strong the relationships between human beings are. In this ever shrinking world are we really closer to each other? Four filmmakers set off on a journey to find a chain of connections between two randomly drawn people. www.sixdegreesdoc.com

 ‘Docu Talents from the East' is a presentation of creative documentary projects in production or post-production organised by Jihlava IDFF in cooperation with the Karlovy Vary IFF. The presentation will be held on July 5th within the Industry section of the 46th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Directors and producers of nine selected feature length documentaries will introduce their films, scheduled for release between July 2011 and July 2012.

Each year, festival advisors, distributors, buyers and local as well as international journalists are invited to attend the event. Detailed information on each project will be provided in a special brochure distributed at the festival.

Since 2005, Docu Talents from the East has been a launch pad for a number of documentaries, including 'Rabbit a la Berlin', 'Blind Loves', 'Matchmaking Mayor', 'The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories', 'Kites', 'Cooking History', 'Rene' or 'Czech Peace'.

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We proudly announce that COMMUNION – a documentary film by Anna Zamecka, will have it‘s Polish premiere during the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival, in the DOCUMENTARY FILM COMPETITION. COMMUNION is the only Polish film in this section. The Festival starts at October 7th.

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2016-08-16 \ COMMUNION is the winner of Semaine de la Critique at Locarno Film Festival!

The best news! COMMUNION wins in 27th Semaine de la critique - Locarno!! We are happy and proud of the whole wonderful crew. We can't wait for the first screenings in Poland that are coming soon. 

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First official screening of Marta Minorowicz's film will take place on May 15.

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First viewers from Asia and South America saw Marta Minorowicz's debut.

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