DOMINO EFFECT - 3 AWARDS during 54th Krakow Film Festival Date: 2014-05-30


We are happy to announce that our newest feature documentary DOMINO EFFECT directed by Piotr Rosołowski and Elwira Niewiera won three awards during 54th Krakow Film Festival! It was GOLDEN HORN in Internationa Documentary CompetitionGOLDEN HOBBY-HORSE in National Competition and Best Cinematography in International Documentary Film Competition. DOMINO EFFECT will be distributed in Polish cinemas from 26th September.


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International Documentary Competition jury consisting of: Wojciech Staroń - Chairman (Poland), Marc  Isaacs (UK),Krzysztof Kwiatkowski (Poland), Pau Montagud (Mexico), Marat Sargsyan (Lithuania) decided to award DOMINO EFFECT ‘for a compelling tale about how difficult history may be. Both the history of Abkhazia and the story of love’.

Second award was THE AWARD OF THE POLISH SOCIETY OF CINEMATOGRAPHERS (PSC) for the best cinematography funded by The Chimney Pot for coherent and full of accurate observations and melancholy cinematography which conveys the tragic nature of life in a world marked by an unhealed wound from the past.’

Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski are also prize winners in National Competition - GOLDEN HOBBY-HORSE awarded by jury consisting of Jerzy Śladkowski – Chairman, Filip DzierżawskiPiotr Lenar, Irena Strzałkowska, Zbigniew Żmudzki.

DOMINO EFFECT is project created by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski. Elwira Niewiera is author of many documentary movies and cultural projects, which focus on social transformations in East Europe. Her debut ‘Bulgarian Stories’ was distributed in German cinemas and was presented during many international film festivals such as Krakow and Sofia. Piotr Rosołowski is co-author of ‘The Art of Disappearing’ and Oscar nominated documentary ‘Rabbit a la Berlin’. He is also cinematographer of many fiction films: ‘The Mole’ by Rafael Lewadowski and Oscar nominated short ‘On the line’ by Reto Caffi.

This film is Polish-Germany coproduction. Polish producer is Anna Wydra who run Otter Films ( On German side producers are Ann Carolin Renninger and Thomas Kufus from zero one film ( Documentary was coproduced by RBB/Arte and funded by Polish Film Institute,Kuratorium junger deutscher and Grenzgänger“ form Roberta Boscha Fundation. Project was developed with FPCA support during EX ORIENTE workshop and presented during Docs to Go! during last year Krakow Film Festival.

 DOMINO EFFECT’ dir. Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski, Poland, Germany 2014, 76 min.

In Abkhazia, a war-torn country close to Crimea-Ukraine, patriotism runs rather deep. Perched on the shores of the Black Sea, the unrecognized splinter state used to be a beach getaway for lucky Soviets, but palatial hotels now sit in post-Communist ruin. For Abkhazian Sports Minister Rafael, however, everything's looking up. He's hopeful that the mysterious Domino World Championship he's organizing will finally put his beloved motherland on the world's radar and madly in love, he's willing to overlook that his dear wife is a foreigner. A proud Russian opera singer, Natasha gave up her home and custody of her Russian daughter to take a chance on a new life. But when locals won't warm to her and troubles cloud Rafael's "sports" event, their bright future and even national pride start to wobble. From the Oscar nominated team of "Rabbit à la Berlin" comes a visually stunning Black Sea black comedy - giving us a profound look at life under Russia's spell.



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We proudly announce that COMMUNION – a documentary film by Anna Zamecka, will have it‘s Polish premiere during the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival, in the DOCUMENTARY FILM COMPETITION. COMMUNION is the only Polish film in this section. The Festival starts at October 7th.

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First official screening of Marta Minorowicz's film will take place on May 15.

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First viewers from Asia and South America saw Marta Minorowicz's debut.

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