FROM BED THOU AROSE - new short by Bartek Konpka Date: 2014-05-14

Bartosz Konopka (Rabbit a la Berlin, The Fear of Falling, The Art of Disappearing) will show his newest short in National Stadium in Warsaw during Conference Fascinating Times.

This 25 minutes short fiction sum up in 20 scenes crucial moments in modern history from a perspective of... bed.

 Film is parable full of absurd and humor made in Tadeusz Różewicz and Michael Gondry convention. Story shows live of furniture carpenter, who after fall of communism starts his own small business. First he started with selling things from camp-bad near his block of flats. Than he made his own bed, what results in problems with mafia. Finally he lost in freedom and free market and pay price in privet live.

Script was written by Bartek Konopka and Michał Ogórek (the same like Rabbit a la Berlin). One of the characters plays Leszek Balcerowicz – Polish Minister of Finance in early 1990s. Main roles create Paweł Domagała and Aleksandra Grzelak.

FROM BED THOU AROSE was produced by Otter Films for Narodowy Bank Polski to honor the occasions international conference of 25 Years of Transition in Central Europe. Conference Fascinating Times is part of EBOR meeting, which will participate Prime Ministers, Ministers, Heads of Central Banks and investors. 

This movie brought me a lot of happiness, which I had nearly lost, shooting serious documentaries and features. It allowed me to celebrate the joi de vivre and freely play around with forms and conventions. One can rarely make a movie that shines with all kinds of emotions, changing from scene to scene – one that allows for a free play of associations and surprising contrasts.

Michał Ogórek contributed his distinctive handwriting, the actors created emotional and frenzied characters, Jacek Podgórski gave form to it with beautiful cinematography, Katarzyna Masztakow filled it with meaningful props, Marta Ostrowicz – with costumes, Agnieszka Hodowana added hairstyles and looks, Andrzej Dąbrowski (editor) watched over every little detail, while Anna Wydra (producer) and Marta Wierzbicka (production manager) put it all together. They were my Dream Team. It was the best movie set and throughout those two months I was on cloud nine.

I could not thank more Narodowy Bank Polski, the most noble of patrons. I wish that everyone in our country had so much sense of humour, class and trust in Art.

Bartek Konopka
— Director


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