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2011-12-19 \ Anna Wydra will be a tutor at a genre cinema pitching workshop

The genre cinema pitching workshop will take place in Warsaw on 19 and 20 of December, organized by  organized by 1,2 Film Association as a part of the association's series of workshops and discussion panels targeted at young filmakers, called „The first step toward the debut”.

The producers often complain that they do not receive any genre cinema scripts – the cinema that is accessible and engaging for the audience. The film debutants are afraid to start their career with genre, worrying about being pigeon-holed and considered cliche, as it is often with the genre authors. - say the organizers. - In reality the good genre cinema can be both understandable for the wide audience and of high artistic merit. We all want films like that. We'll talk about how we imagine the genre cinema in Poland and we'll give a chance to young screenwriters to present their projects in front of the Polish film producers.

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2011-12-16 \ MY LITTLE ONE a.k.a. AYKA, the new film by Sergey Dvortsevoy selected for support from EURIMAGES

MY LITTLE ONE aka AYKA – the new film of Sergey Dvortsevoy has received support from Eurimages.  Otter Films is proud minor co-producer of the film with Jola Dylewska (DoP) and Tomasz Matraszek (SFX make-up) on board. Otter Films is co-producing the film with Profit Kino (Russia) and Pallas Film (Germany).

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2011-10-30 \ EAVE workshop completed

Anna Wydra has recently completed the 2011 EAVE workshop. EAVE, European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, is one of the leading training and development providers for producers in Europe, renowned for its European Producers Workshop.

Anna Wydra participated in EAVE with the production project: "Aethelbal The Mute", to be directed by Bartek Konopka.

EAVE participants worked within groups led by experienced producers and with several experts on script analysis, development and production financing, legal aspects of co-production, marketing, pitching, packaging and more.
By participating in EAVE Anna joined a unique network of active European producers which forms one of the backbones of the industry.

More information about EAVE:

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2011-10-14 \ AND THERE WAS LOVE IN THE GHETTO to be directed by Jolanta Dylewska on the list of potential TVP 1 co-productions

TVP (Polish public television) has announced the list of 14 documentary projects that it will co-produce. One of them was the Otter Films project “And There Was Love in the Ghetto” to be directed by Jolanta Dylewska. According to the TVP Documentary Agency statement “The criteria to choose the project were: the subject of the film, the class of the director, the idea, the attractiveness of the script and the chance of being programmed by the festivals. The projects selected for production meet those criteria and create the opportunity for making the outstanding documentaries.”

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