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2012-03-15 \ 'Losing Sonia' by Radka Franczak premieres at Vision du Reel

'Losing Sonia', a documentary by Radka Franczak co-produced by Wajda Studio (Katarzyna Ślesicka) and Otter Films (Anna Wydra) will be screened at 18. Vision du Réel Festival at Nyon, Switzerland, in the International Medium-Length Film Competition section of this prestigious festival.

Radka Franczak's documentary shows how one can create a beautiful world full of life and artistic expression within the strict frames of an orthodox monastery. Sonia, a young nun, paints the icons at night and then sleeps until noon; she has a dog, cats, exotic birds and a body that rebels against the strict monk life rules. Attempting to understand Sonia and the meaning of her life decisions, we meet Sonia's family that has been influenced by the difficult Russian history. At the same time the film is a journey to the inside of the orthodox church, a journey that shows how the deep spirituality of the Russian nation is being reborn. 'Losing Sonia' tells a story of an incredible woman who tries to rebuild the values that were lost by the Russian society under the rules of subsequent political regimes.

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2012-03-08 \ Polish Film Institute granted financing for 'Ayka/ My Little One'

Polish Film Institute granted 700 000 PLN for the production of 'Ayka/ My Little One', a drama to be directed by Sergey Dvortsevoy. The film will tell a story of a young Kyrgyz girl - Ayka - lives and works illegally in Moscow. After giving birth to her son she leaves him in hospital. Some time later, however, her motherly yearning leads her to desperate attempts of finding the abandoned child.

'Ayka' will be co-produced by Russia, Germany and Poland. The Polish producer will be Otter Films, German- Karl Baumgartner from Pallas Films who worked on Emir Kusturica's films 'Underground' and 'White Cat, Black Cat', Kim Ki-duk's 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter..Spring'  and 'Le Havre' by Aki Kaurismaki.

Sergey Dvortsevoy is an awarded author born in Kazakhstan and working in Russia. Among other films Dvortsevoy directed 'Tulpan' (2008) with cinematography by Jolanta Dylewska. This time Dylewska will also be cooperating with Dvortsevoy. The crew will also include the Polish make-up artist Tomasz Matraszek. The script was written by Sergey Dvortsevoy and Gienadij Ostrowski.

The shooting will start this summer - said Anna Wydra, the Polish producer of the film, who was nominated to Oscar for 'Rabbit a'la Berlin' with Bartek Konopka.

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2012-02-15 \ 'The Mute' by Bartek Konopka presented at Pitch Stop during Berlinale 2012

Bartek Konopka - director and Anna Wydra - producer presented project THE MUTE at PITCH STOP - Cinema Total's alternative pitching event. Following the morning's hand´s-on workshop with consultants from various film industry fields, six projects will be presented to a larger audience of international producers, distributors and other film professionals.
The story shows an attempt of christanisation of a pagan community in an unspecified place and time in the past.

Through a story of two missionary monks we want to tell about religiosity and spirituality, about modern civilisation and the consciousness that makes us able to put it aside. We move back to the times of pagans, great woods and forced christianisation because this is the perfect environment to show the importance of fundamental emotions and values.


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2011-12-19 \ Anna Wydra will be a tutor at a genre cinema pitching workshop

The genre cinema pitching workshop will take place in Warsaw on 19 and 20 of December, organized by  organized by 1,2 Film Association as a part of the association's series of workshops and discussion panels targeted at young filmakers, called „The first step toward the debut”.

The producers often complain that they do not receive any genre cinema scripts – the cinema that is accessible and engaging for the audience. The film debutants are afraid to start their career with genre, worrying about being pigeon-holed and considered cliche, as it is often with the genre authors. - say the organizers. - In reality the good genre cinema can be both understandable for the wide audience and of high artistic merit. We all want films like that. We'll talk about how we imagine the genre cinema in Poland and we'll give a chance to young screenwriters to present their projects in front of the Polish film producers.

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