SIX DEGREES: Incredible collaboration of the producers of 'Ciacho' and 'Rabbit a'la Berlin' Date: 2011-06-03

On 4th June 2011 we will start shooting SIX DEGREES, a documentary by Bartosz Dombrowski. SIX DEGREES is an unpredictable road movie, where each shooting day will be a surprise. The producers of the film are two dynamic companies- East Pictures and Otter Films. The first one is responsible for an incredible success of the film "Ciacho" and the second, Otter Films with its owner Anna Wydra stands behind the phenomenon of 'Rabbit a'la Berlin', which was screened at over 100 festivals around the world and had its successes culminated with an Oscar ® nomination.

Also this time the producers are hoping that the collaboration with a very talented director will result with an incredibly exciting project that has a huge potential to be recognized in the international market. Paralelly to the shooting we're starting a website, where it will be possible to follow the adventures of the crew and watch the videos from their travel made with a Nokia phone that supported the project.

SIX DEGREES is a unique film, where the protagonists are unknown until the start of the shooting. On the first day two drawings will take place. In the beginning we will draw the first protagonist of the film from the people selected by our crew. The last person in the chain will be found based on the coordinates. People randomly approached at the streets of Warsaw will draw numbers that will be the parallels and meridians on the crossing of which there will be the home of the last protagonist. In a few days after the drawing the cinematographer will go there with a camera. The first person he meets will be our protagonist that we'll try to get to. Beginning at this point we will know where he/she lives and what her/his name is.

This is exactly when the film adventure will begin. 4-people crew composed of Bartosz Dombrowski (director), Wojtek Zieliński (cinematographer), Błażej Kafarski (sound) i Kaja Domeracka (production manager) will embark on a journey to  find the chain of connections between two people who are complete strangers. They will travel for about 3 months to examine how strong the relationships between human beings are and if the ideas about the others’ lives are in line with reality. In this ever shrinking world are we really closer to each other?

This film will have a deeper dimension besides its adventurous quality. First and utmost of all we would like to look closely at a human being, show how close/far away from each other we live. The makers of the film are asking themselves the following questions: Are people getting closer to each other in the times of the internet and slogans about the global village? Or maybe we're so absorbed with our own matters, work and problems that we don't even see the people around us? Do we care for our friendships? Do we find time to stop running and think about the people who used to be close to us?

The film is made with support of   EBH, Cafe Ole and Oddweird Design Studio.

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We proudly announce that COMMUNION – a documentary film by Anna Zamecka, will have it‘s Polish premiere during the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival, in the DOCUMENTARY FILM COMPETITION. COMMUNION is the only Polish film in this section. The Festival starts at October 7th.

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2016-08-16 \ COMMUNION is the winner of Semaine de la Critique at Locarno Film Festival!

The best news! COMMUNION wins in 27th Semaine de la critique - Locarno!! We are happy and proud of the whole wonderful crew. We can't wait for the first screenings in Poland that are coming soon. 

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First official screening of Marta Minorowicz's film will take place on May 15.

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First viewers from Asia and South America saw Marta Minorowicz's debut.

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