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Director / Magdalena Szymków
Genre / documentary
Status / in production
Runtime / 52'
Otter Films as / producer

This documentary embarks upon a fascinating journey in his footsteps. It uncovers the countries where he worked, places he explored, people he met. It is told through unpublished archival materials and voices of journalists, politics, writers and filmmakers (such as Lech Walesa, Salman Rushdie, Werner Herzog or Andrzej Wajda).

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Director / Otter Films & KFF
Genre / conference
Status / completed
Runtime / 11:00 AM - 14:00 AM
Otter Films as / organiser

Do you know that average number of documentary films that are produced every year in Poland is around 200? Have you ever wondered what happens to them? For example: In 2009, for 100 produced documents, 70 were sold to television, 10 were released on DVD and 5 shown in cinemas. However, we should remember that this was an extremely successful year for the Polish documentaries - in the last decade, only 9 films were present on the big screen.

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Director / Bartek Konopka
Genre / book with DVD
Status / completed
Runtime / 39' and 40 pages
Otter Films as / editor, publisher

After the success of the film (Oscar® nomination, numerous awards and significant media attention) we have decided to reforge the publicity into an even bigger audience. The book will include a wide variety of film related materials – from photos, film facts and interviews to a critical debate about the film. Also the film will be included as part of the publication.


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