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 Otter Films - completed
Director / Michał Mądracki, Maciej Mądracki, Gilles Lepore

Status / completed
Runtime / 64
Country of production / Poland, France
Otter Films as / producer

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main crew


director: Michał Mądracki, Maciej Mądracki, Gilles Lepore

script: Michał Mądracki, Maciej Mądracki, Gilles Lepore

shooting: Gilles Lepore

production: Otter Films, Hautlesmains Productions (FR)




Morrocco, dawn of the 20th century, somewhere between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. A column of the French colonial army reaches a lieu-dit called Ouarzazate, ‘without a noise’. Pacifying the country and exploring the indigenous, the vanguard accompanied by doctors, engineers and a new device called camera, discovers in this place an incarnation of its vision of the Orient. And from this day on the Western eye will never quit Ouarzazate, moving in for good with its dream factory, the cinema.

about the director



Born in 1972 in Porrentruy [Switzerland]. Filmmaker, author of comic books and illustrations. 1998 graduated School of Visual Arts in Bienne, Switzerland. In 2000 film director internship in Belgium with Jean-Jacques Adrien. 2003 scholarship managed by Professor Jerzy Kucia in the animation studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. His first short, animated movie “The Cage” was presented on numerous film festivals. Member of SwissFilm and the Swiss Association of Film Animators.


Born in 1984 in Cracow [Poland]. Graduate student of film studies in the Institute of Audiovisual Arts of the Jagiellonian University. Since 2007, student of directing in the Krzysztof Kieślowski Department of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Author of experimental movies and short video forms.



Born in 1979 in Cracow [Poland]. In 2003 he graduated from religious studies in the Jagiellonian University. Writer, scenarist, author of short literary and film forms. 

Gilles, Maciej et Michał together as Collective MML made their first documentary film called „The Work of Machines” officially selected in many international film festivals and as well exhibited at the art galleries.

festivals & special screenings


FID Marseille, 2017



Development supported by Polish Film Institute and CNAP

Production co-financed by Polish Film Institute