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 Otter Films - in production
Director / Bartek Konopka

Status / in production
Genre / fiction
Runtime / 100'
Country of production / Poland, Belgium
Relased date / 2017
Original language / English
Otter Films as / producer

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main crew


Script:Bartek Konopka, Przemysław Nowakowski

Director: Bartek Konopka

DoP: Jacek Podgórski

Art Design: Marek Warszewski

Production: Otter Films, Earlybirds Films, ODRA-Film



The story shows an attempt of christanisation of a pagan community in an unspecified place and time in the past.

Through a story of two missionary monks we want to tell about religiosity and spirituality, about modern civilisation and the consciousness that makes us able to put it aside. We move back to the times of pagans, great woods and forced christianisation because this is the perfect environment to show the importance of fundamental emotions and values.

Oscar® nominated director, Bartek Konopka, after successful work in documentary form and finishing a feature debut based strongly on contemporary reality, now moves to a more abstract form to speak about fundamentals.


about the director


Bartek Konopka

Oscar® nominated director for short documentary 'Rabbit a la Berlin'.

Master degree of film science from Jagiellonian University Cracow. Studied journalism and worked as a TV/radio reporter for 4 years. In 2002 finished his studies in film directing at Kieslowski WRiTV Katowice Film School and Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing Warsaw. Bartek Konopka has directed numerous documentaries for TVP, TVN, MTV, VIVA as well as commercials and video clips. Nominated for prestigious Polityka Passports Award for the Best Young Talent. Received Ministry of Culture scholarship for artistic achievements. Expert of Polish Film Institute. In 2010 he is finishing his full-length feature debut 'Fear of Heights'. 



Development supported by:

- Polish Film Institute

- Fundacja Polskie Centrum Audiowizualne

- MEDIA development

Production supported by:

- Polish Film Institute 

- Eurimages

- Screen Flanders