Full services

We offer all-embracing services in the field of archives – from search query, through material acquisition, transfer coordination, evaluation of the materials’ technical usability, price negotiations to archives management at the stage of editing.   

We provide services in all phases. Depending on the needs we can take care of all or chosen phases of the process.



Initial consultation – assistance in defining guidelines for work with archives and acquisition of rights. 

Consultation in the field of archives reconstruction and alteration – assistance in the field of processes executable on archives (e.g. colour alteration, reconstruction, adding effects).

Content representation

We provide services in the field of managing archives collections of different kinds. Committed materials will be catalogued and made accesible for audiovisual producers in order to fully use their artistic potential and gain profits for their owners.

Our offer in this field will be adjusted to each situation separately. It will depend on the extent and potential of the collection and on the owner’s aims. If you own a collection of archives, please feel invited to co-operate with us.